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Wood carving Product process

Jilin ever creation proceeds from every detail, creating original design and natural life for all customers

1.Hand carved: All raw materials for wooden handicrafts are sourced from superior linden and pine in Changbai Mountain.Our craftmen have highly carving skills,these wooden home decoration were made by hand to bring you a very natural feeling.

2.Hand painting: Painted in a life-like manner with eco-friendly paints.Multiple shape in various colors for wooden office supplies and wooden shelf sitter  to choose,and customed color and painting be available.

3.Assembling:  In order to supply products to the customer,this step is quite important .Fit together the part of each item,wooden items including fit glass eye for wood carving animals , wood keychain , hang rope for wood walking sticks, assembling all kinds of metal parts for animal stapler, vintage cars and london phone booth .

4. Packing: 3 ply white or brown inner box ,5 ply brown carton  to ensure good condition on arrival.

Metal craft product process

Jilin ever creation providing customers with more handmade Antique cars , and formed its own set of service system,Jilin ever creation proceeds from every detail, creating original design and natural life for all customers.

Features the retro style and exquisite manual craftsmanship. Handmade vintage car  is made of brand new tinplate, with doing old coloring paint and decent design.

You can choose styles such as Metal knight statue, Vintage bicycle, Vintage airplane etc among all these car models.

At the same time, different sizes, different colors and different materials are available to meet customers’ different need for various occasions.

The Volkswagen Beetle model makes a great collectible gift and excellent bar decoration.Gifts or rewards for your kids, so wonderful.

Metal craft product process

Salt lamp factory

  • We are leading manufacturer of Natural himalayan salt lamp ,Himalayan salt lamp night light,salt tealight holder,salt cooking blocks or tiles ,fine salt ,grain salt ,animal salt licks ,candle holder ,figure lamps ,usb lamps ,rock salt ,decoration rocks ,tile holding tray and alot of variety .
  • Himalayan salt is a type of mineral salt from the mountains of Pakistan.This type of salt has begun to be marketed in various parts of Europe, the United States and Australia. Our products undergo a meticulous quality control and thorough evaluation before it appears available for the clients.  Before selling, we check our products quality, color, size, clarity, design, fixtures.
  • The Quality of our Himalaya salt lamp can differ from other suppliers. Salt lamp factory products offer you on very reasonable price .Our products are of the highest quality, and huge size, we are able to manufactures your products at very reasonable price and in very low lead times. We are flexible and adjust time and needs according to our clients. We are exporter, wholesaler, retailer, distributors and also individual clients.
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Himalayan salt lamp

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assembling 3
assembling 1
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