Jilin Ever Creation with more than 15 years of related production,our 50000 units monthly capacity fills the volume needs of the buyers in Europe and South America , USA, Canada & Japan.Also registered “EVER CREATION” brand in China, American and EU.

  • 2009 Registered”Ever Creation” brand in HkPassed ISO9001 Certification
  • 2015.3 Registered”Ever Creation “brand in European Union
  • Get FSC® certification,Licence Code FSC-C125163. Provide wooden crafts of FSC® certified according to customers’ order requirements
  • 2016.2 Registered “Ever Creation” brand in USA
  • 2016.8 Get Quality Management System Certification Certificate
  • 2017.2 Get a patent for design of the package of salt lamp
FSC (1)
Certificate of Registration
CE EN71-1-2-3
trade mark of usa
Quality Management System Certification Certificate
patent certificate
trade mark in china